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SUPERMARINE – A Celebration of Creation

SUPERMARINE – A Celebration of Creation

What: A fun-focused, possibility-packed entrepreneurial mixer hosted by Gregg “Gmoney” Sayer
When: Friday, June 22nd @ 7pm
Where: Mahoney & Sons Stamps Landing
Why: Serendipity! I’m going to mix up a bunch of interesting entrepreneurial / creative / brave people and then see what happens!
How: Sun, snacks, mingling game, pints, real-time infographics, laughs

Please RVSP
 through any medium you wish! Text, FB, email, smoke signals or Facebook event page.
Guest Policy: Bring a friend IF they possess a few of the following:

– They’re an entrepreneur (or a budding one)
– They love the idea of creating something from nothing and want to connect with others who feel the same
– They’re creative, funny, positive, courageous
– They can offer help or they’re looking for help in making an idea come alive

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